Below is a compilation of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Can I administer Avimite to animals other than chickens and birds?
    Despite the fact that Avimite was originally intended for chickens and birds, it contains no plant extracts or any other substances that could be harmful to rabbits, rodents or other mammals.
  •  Can I consume the eggs of chickens that have been administered with Avimite?
    Yes, you can. Avimite was awarded a Bio label in 2016.


  • What is the composition of Avimite?
    We’re not inclined to disclose our ready-made recipe, however, its composition is 100% biological: Water, Salt, Magnesium, Ethanol, Vulgaris Trancetum, Caramel, Crude Protein, Cellulose, Crude Ash, Lysine, Calcium, Sodium and Phosphorus.
  •  Can I consume the eggs of chickens that have been administered with Avimite?
    Absolutely. In fact, we positively recommend it! After all, prevention is better than cure!
  •  My chicken coop is absolutely teeming with red mites. Will Avimite still provide an effective solution?
    Definitely! Avimite attacks blood-consuming red mites. They start to behave differently and eventually die. At a certain point, it may appear as if there are even more of them. But all those red mites were already in your coop. Only they are no longer hiding …and they’re not reproducing any more either. Allow the product time to work. Your chickens will no longer be bothered by the mites that are still visible. The eggs and larvae that subsequently hatch also feed on the blood of your chickens and thus await exactly the same fate.
  • Who are the people behind Avimite?
    We run an animal shelter for pasture and farmyard animals. We therefore come into considerable contact with chickens and red mites. Together with our business partner, we created a solution which is distributed under the name of Avimite. We distribute to private individuals, our partner to professional farmers.
  • My Avimite vial has expired. What now?
    The so-called expiration date is purely an indication. Due to the presence of Ethanol, the product boasts an extensive shelf life. You can continue using Avimite for a considerable period of time without a reduction in its efficacy, even after the expiration date. Ethanol dissipates, so always make sure that your vial is tightly closed. Store in a dark place at room temperature.
  • Is Avimite solely effective against red mites or does it also eliminate other parasites?
    We’re relatively new to the market and thus extremely cautious about what we claim on our label. We went in search of an exceptionally pure and effective biological agent that would eliminate red mite in chickens and birds. And that’s exactly what we found. However, many rodents and reptiles have also been treated with Avimite, with similarly favourable results. We’ve not only witnessed the effects of Avimite in our own chicken house; we’ve also received feedback that it can successfully combat ticks, scaly leg mites, lice, feather mites and dust mites, …  Avimite thus offers a complete solution. Avimite may even have a deworming effect. We therefore need to conduct further tests in order to draw incontrovertible conclusions. So please don’t hesitate to inform us of your personal Avimite experiences.