Treating red mites.

Detected red mites on your animals?  Tearing your hair out about a persistent red mite problem? Tired of receiving well-intended advice that has you investing significant time and effort for virtually no improvement? Or have you spent hours on pest control only to find your coop teeming again just one month later? Then read on; because we believe that we’ve got THE solution you’ve been searching for!

Red mites

How to recognise red mites.

What if we were to tell you that we’ve produced a 100% biological agent that enables you to take the key step in eliminating red mites, simply by adding it to drinking water for 7 consecutive days? Would you believe us? After what you’ve read and heard about red mites, probably not. And, yet, we can guarantee it. In the event of a red mite infestation: Simply add Avimite to drinking water for 7 consecutive days, followed by 1 dose on a set day each week and then repeat 1 dose monthly, and your red mite infestation will be eliminated for good! It couldn’t be any easier. No more spraying, dusting, tobacco plants, or the continuous introduction of predatory mites etc…

So how exactly does it work? We’re happy to explain.

Red mites feed on the blood of chickens, rodents and even reptiles. This is vital for red mite propagation. As soon as they’ve discovered a suitable source of blood, such as your chickens, they begin to expand their empire. During warm periods, they can succeed in reproducing within just 7 days. An explosive increase in your problem is thus only a matter of days or weeks. Tackling red mite infestations at the outset or taking preventative measures at its root is the optimal solution:

What if the blood was no longer appetising?

Our product is an organic food supplement and therefore not a medicine. It originated in professional chicken circles, where it sparked a genuine revolution in the treatment of red mites. It couldn’t be any easier: no squirting, no spraying; simply add to drinking water. For seven consecutive days, followed by 5 once weekly doses, and periodically thereafter (we recommend monthly). The parasites are soon without a host and thus their source of food, and your chickens enjoy swift relief from red mites as a result. Please refer to the product sheet for more information.